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Cellulose (Pulp)

The Proprietary Biomass Pre-treatment Process used in PLET’s Cellulose production allows a plant to utilize several different types of Bio-fibre and the Pre-treatment Process can be adjusted to produce different desired results for end product use.

We also have the previously unheard of flexibility to create high-quality cellulose without the necessity of purchasing wood chips of specific size and thickness. In traditional pulp mills the size and thickness of the wood chip is directly related to the quality and value of the pulp.

PLET’s Dilute-Acid-Process creates high quality Cellulose using sawdust or other significantly less expensive smaller wood chips, including trees killed by pine beetles. Besides capitalizing on waste materials, this technology allows the industry to look to quicker and less expensive renewable resources for raw material. Sugarcane, hemp, wheat or other grains can now be used to create quality cellulose thus reducing the industry’s reliance on trees.

The process can also be adjusted to control Cellulose/Lignin content in the end product for different market applications such as Packaging, Tissue paper, Additives

PLET’s  Cellulose Yields more Ethanol: A Master’s Thesis Report  done at the Boras University in Sweden shows PLET’s Cellulose yields more Ethanol compared to others:

The Cellulose tests have proven a wide variety of plant material will produce quality cellulose.

Wheat Straw Cellulose

Pine Sawdust - Cellulose

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