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Executive Summary

What is special about our patented technology?

  • Produces Cellulose, Lignin and Hemicellulose significantly less expensive than current methods.
  • Unique, Dilute Acid Process                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Dilute acid lignin should be seriously considered as a feedstock for chemical but  the practice of this technology highlights an important feature for lignin use. Currently, dilute-acid-lignin exhibits sufficient properties for fuel use. However, lignin must be removed earlier in the process and under milder conditions if  it is to be used as a feedstock for chemical production. It is anticipated that the conversion of this lignin into higher-value products will offset any increased cost in more sophisticated lignin removal” (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Top Value-Added Chemicals From Biomass – Volume 2 – Results of Screening For Potential Candidates From Biorefinery Lignin)
  • Produces unique, water-soluble Pure Lignin as part of the cellulose extraction and hence greatly enhances value
  • Ability to utilize any vegetation including waste wood and Pinebeetle killed trees
  • Can utilize waste wood of smaller dimensions than current processes and still produce the same fiber length
  • Chemicals are recycled in the plant reducing operating costs and eliminating pollution
  • Process flexibility – can be adjusted for different end-use applications
  • Profitability comes from lower labor costs and lower construction and operating costs (Low energy and chemical usage) to produce higher value products and more revenue streams
  • The process also allows for the production of smaller and profitable mills that allows them to be established closer to the wood sources if desired
  • Plants are modular and easily scaled up
  • Process Plants offer Excellent ROI

The Company has formed several strategic Research Partnerships with leaders in the industry, with successful trials in second and third phase product testing, with over 50 Research Institutes and Universities performing independent testing in a vast variety of  applications

Products have preferred customers with well established Composite Broker in the USA

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