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Opportunities with PLET

The Company is now selling licenses to strategic partners in the industry for use of the patented technology and know-how, and is in a unique position to capture the high-grade lignin market values of $1100-$1400/ton, in addition to the standard commoditized values for the cellulous and sweet liquor.

Potential customers include Biomass owners and wood-processing businesses looking to increase profits and sustainability, end product users from plastics to fuels , foods, road stabilization, fragrances, sugars and a virtually endless list of product applications.

We estimate that a 50 ton per day plant processing pine sawdust will produce a 30-35% return on investment within the first 2 years of operation.

Plants offer:

-Easy and inexpensive construction and set-up

-Modular design (easy to scale up)

-Continuous Batching system (can process any vegetation and switch biomasses at any given time)

-Output products which can feed into several profit-bearing markets

Since the costs to build and operate a facility are considerably lower than other processes, the plants will be much more profitable, either as a stand alone operation or as a front-end, pre-treatment process to many other wood-related industries.

Market opportunities are immense. It is expected that new and broader markets (in medicine and food) will open to us through our well priced superior quality Lignin. The Cellulose will be produced at a much lower cost than conventional pulp mill. The sweet liquor will undergo further testing but PLET has been advised that the protein made from the sweet liquor is as high in quality as soy or fish protein and could be human consumable. The Company has letters of intent in place for the sale of the protein to be used as cattle feed in Mexico. For further reading please click a link below: