Pre-treatment & Fractionation at its Best!

Patented ‘Dilute Acid Process” is the Best Solution for your Biomass Separation needs!

Producing three separate, superior-grade products: Cellulose, Pure Lignin, and Fertilizer, the Environmentally friendly, weak Acid Hydrolysis Process combines a unique blend of chemicals and low-pressure steam in a closed-loop process which produces no emissions or pollution.

The process can utilize any vegetation as its Bio-fibre source including waste-wood, bamboo, hemp, pine beetle-killed trees, sugar cane, grasses, husks, etc.

Process Plants are modular in design with easy scale-up capabilities and offer excellent Return on Investment (ROI). The costs to build and operate the plants are considerably lower than other processes and provide for more revenue streams.

PLET is profitable as a stand-alone plant and is the best pre-treatment solution for Biorefinery and Chemical production.

As supported by the report prepared for the Department of Energy by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), PLET’s Technology can achieve the desired results of a ‘Dilute Acid Solution’ while overcoming the process pitfalls that others have been unable to.

Pure Lignin Environmental​​​​​​​ Technology

The Company’s unique “water- soluble” Lignin is of great interest for use in several diverse product applications. 

Potential customers include Biomass owners and wood-processing businesses looking to increase profits and sustainability. Out-put products can be sold in a multitude of markets including: fuels, paper, foods, plastics, resins, additives, road- stabilization, sugars, and fragrances.

PLET’s Technology  provides a cost effective Biomass Fractionation solution worthy of Industry change, making the use of Bio-products easier and more economical.

Pure Lignin Environmental​​​​​​​ Technology

Pure Lignin Environmental Technology’s (PLET)