Investment Opportunities

The Company is now selling licenses to strategic partners in the industry for use of the patented technology and know-how, and is in a unique position to capture the high-grade lignin market values in addition to commoditized values for the cellulose and fertilizer.

Potential customers include Biomass owners and wood-processing businesses looking to increase profits and sustainability, manufacturers looking for raw products for production of high-quality paper, plastics, fuels, food additives, road stabilization, fragrances, fertilizer and many more applications.

We estimate that a 50 ton per day plant processing pine sawdust will produce a 30-35% return on investment within the first 2 years of operation.

Plants offer:

  • Easy and inexpensive construction and set-up
  • Modular design (easy to scale up)
  • Continuous batching system (can process any vegetation and switch biomasses at any given time)
  • Output products which can feed into several profit-bearing markets

Since the costs to build and operate a facility are considerably lower than other processes, the plants will be much more profitable, either as a stand-alone operation or as a front-end, pre-treatment process to many other wood-related industries.

Market opportunities are immense. It is expected that new and broader markets (in medicine and food) will open to us through our well priced superior quality Lignin. The High Quality Cellulose will be produced at a much lower cost than from the conventional pulp mill.

The PLET fertilizer will further enhance profit margins as all input is converted to saleable products with no waste stream.

Competitive Analysis

We have developed and patented a proven, environmentally friendly Technology that is about 100% more profitable than the traditional processes for the production of superior-grade Cellulose, Lignin and Fertilizer. The dilute-acid pre-treatment process combines a unique blend of chemicals and steam in a closed loop production process, which emits no environmentally hazardous air borne particulates or liquid effluent, to produce commercial grade cellulose and two key byproducts, the high grade Lignin and Fertilizer.

PLET’s Biomass Pre-treatment Process can utilize virtually any plant source including hard wood, soft wood, sawdust, low-grade wood chips, hemp, etc. Our process allows the ability to utilize different wood species or bio-fibre, and the wood or biomass products can be of varying sizes and types. Given that the process utilizes a closed loop system there is no airborne or effluent discharge, thereby causing no environmental concerns. With no pressure and much lower temperatures, operating and energy costs are much lower than in other processes.

With lower construction and operating costs and more revenue streams, Pure Lignin Environmental Technology is much more profitable than existing processes.

The company will build and sell plants and license the technology globally. PLET’s Technology will revolutionize the way in which Biomass fractionation is done.

Environmentally Friendly

All of the processing liquids and chemicals are recovered and recycled, resulting in no discharge. This further reduces production costs. The process is very environmentally friendly and requires far less energy to operate.

Higher Revenues

With more Revenue Streams and the production of superior, high grade Cellulose, Lignin and Fertilizer, these plants will be much more profitable than traditional wood-processing methods. The products have a wide range of markets as well as beneficial contributions to pollution solutions i.e. biodegradable plastics, fuel alternatives, emission or carbon points.

Low Capital Requirement and Human Resource Costs

Plants can be in production quickly, given the relatively low capital cost requirements and quick fabrication time. Our plants can be operated with significantly less labour than traditional mills. A 50 ton plant can operate 24/7 with four plant workers per shift, one millwright and one plant manager. This provides an advantage in terms of ongoing operations and profit.

Customers Already in Place

The company currently has some preferred customers in place for the sale of its products. There has also been a very positive response to our products from industry professionals.


Market opportunities are immense.  New and broader markets (in medicine and food) have opened to us through our well priced superior quality Lignin. The high quality Cellulose from non-traditional biomass sources will be produced at a much lower cost than conventional pulp mills and with more market versatility. The fertilizer will undergo further certification testing for organic applicatons. The company has received a lot of international attention and is being sought after as a Preferred Method of Pre-treatment for Biomass Separation.